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Ann's (Family and Friends' Favorite) Coleslaw

If the original recipe card has any indication about how long or how often we make this coleslaw, it proves just how much our friends and family enjoy it...and ask for the recipe! Here's the original card from Great Aunt Ann (on my husband's side). 

This lightly creamy coleslaw maintains a refreshing crunch, yet with a delightfully smooth texture. It has been the hit of many parties, family gatherings, and weeknight dinners. It can be served as a quick side dish or as a topping to barbecue sandwiches and even fish tacos. 

This recipe has been broken down into two portions: "party for many" and "party for 2-4," depending on how much you need.

Party for many                                                 
About 2 bags of shredded cabbage mix             

1 cup salad dressing 
1/2 cup sugar        
1/4 cup dijon mustard   
1/4 apple cider vinegar* 
Grated onion (to taste) 
Grated black pepper (to tast…